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3DP Case Form: 3D Printed Model

The registry defines a print as a specific set of parts printed on a particular machine at a particular scale using a particular material.  A print may consist of one or more copies; multiple copies do not constitute additional prints.  If the parts, printer, scale or material are changed, then this constitutes a separate print.  The registry requires description of at least one print, which is considered the “primary print.”  If a second print is created (again, consisting of either a different set of parts, a different printer and/or a different material), then this is considered the “secondary print.”  For example, in a cardiac case it may be necessary to print two different physical models: a myocardial model represented by one set of parts, as well as a blood pool model represented by certain other parts.  On the other hand, it will often be the case that only a single print will be produced.  If no secondary print is created, then the secondary print fields must be left blank.

For further information on specific data elements, refer to the 3DP Registry Data Dictionary.

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