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NRDR 13.19 Release Notes

The following update is being introduced as part of NRDR version 13.19 on March 12, 2022.

Left Menu Report Name Updates (Facility Comparison Report)

In the NRDR portal, Interactive Report menu titles for Aggregate Reports are now titled Facility Comparison Reports for the following registries:

  • CTC – On the CTC Registry menu under Interactive Reports, the CTC Measures - Aggregate Report is now CTC Facility Comparisons Report

  • GRID – On the GRID Registry menu under Interactive Reports, the GRID Measures - Aggregate Report is now GRID Facility Comparisons Report

  • LCSR – On the LCSR Registry menu under Interactive Reports, the LCSR Measures - Aggregate Report is now LCSR Facility Comparisons Report

  • NMD -- NMD Registry Menu, Interactive Reports menu: change Measures - Aggregate Report to NMD Facility Comparisons Report

The Facility Comparisons reports provide insights into your facility's performance related to the respective registry's measures and compares your performance with facilities that have similar characteristics and with all facilities in the selected registry.  

DIR Exam Detail

The DIR Exam Detail report has been updated to now include projection x-ray exams.  To access this report select the Exam Detail link from the left navigation under the Reports > Static Reports section.  Be sure to select the appropriate modality (CT or Projection X-ray), a Study Date range of interest, and then click the ‘Search’ button.  This will return a list of all exams meeting the designated criteria.  Clicking the ‘Detail’ link next to a particular exam will generate a summary document for that exam.

The basic format of the summary document will be:

  • Header - Facility, scanner/device and physician information

  • Patient - Patient demographic data

  • Radiation Dose – CT or Projection X-ray dose information for the entire exam across all irradiation events

  • Irradiation Event – Detailed event data for each irradiation event.  This section will repeat for each event in the exam.

LCSR 1.5, 1.6 Additional Risk Factors / Histology, Stage Clinical or Pathologic, Overall Stage

LCSR File Version 1.5 and 1.6 data validation rules have been updated for data fields Additional risk factors and Histology/stage. The new data validation rule changes are below.

  • Additional risk factor fields:

    • Radon exposure

    • Occupational exposures

    • History of cancers

    • Lung cancer in first-degree relative

    • Family history of lung cancer

    • COPD

    • Pulmonary fibrosis

    • Secondhand smoke exposure

  • Additional risk factor fields are required if:

    • (Examination Date) – (Date of Birth) > 80 or < 50

    • OR Smoking Status = (3-'Never Smoker' or 9-'Unknown if ever smoked')

    • OR Number of pack-years of smoking = null or <20 or >= 999

    • OR Number of years since quit > 15)

  • Histology/stage:

    • If Tissue Diagnosis 10, 11, then Histology, Stage Clinical or Pathologic, Overall Stage should be required

Note: For more information, please refer to the LCSR Data Dictionary and LCSR data submission files.

GRID Modality Procedure Change

The “Fluoroscopy” descriptor for “Modality procedure” in the Grid Radiology Improvement Database (GRID) has been changed to “Interventional or fluoroscopy”, in order to clarify mapping for interventional fluoroscopy procedures.

Note: For more information, please refer to the GRID Data Dictionary and GRID data submission files.

3DP Copy Case Functionality

The 3D Printing registry is introducing a Copy Case functionality. Existing cases of any status (Cancelled, In Progress, or Completed) can be used to create new similar cases. This will be particularly useful if your site frequently performs cases for similar guides/models. The copy case functionality will pre-populate most fields in the image, guide/model, and printer sections from the existing case to a new case. Patient and case-specific fields, such as material totals, effort, and outcomes, will need to be populated for the new case. The Copy Case function can be found on the Search Case screen by selecting the ellipsis (…) at the far right side of the record to be copied.

New NRDR User Role: Clinical Lead

A new user profile, Clinical Lead, may be assigned to NRDR users for one or more registries. This user will be able to access system pages but cannot edit clinical exam data pages.  

This profile was designed to encourage engagement and ownership for the registry at the site level. Targeted NRDR emails to radiologists or other physicians will highlight the importance of the registry clinically and what they can or should be doing with their information, as well as to update them periodically on clinically relevant information.

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