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NRDR 13.22 Release Notes

The following update is being introduced as part of NRDR version 13.22 on December 17th, 2022.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Payments Now Accepted for NRDR

NRDR will now accept ACH payments. Invoices for registries, CMS reporting, etc and all related emails have been updated with new language.

If you have any questions regarding your invoice, please submit a ticket to NRDR Support.

Session Expiration Prompt Message in NRDR

After 15 minutes of inactivity within the NRDR portal , you will now get a popup message asking to confirm if you like to remain logged in or log out. If no activity has been detected after an additional 5 minutes (total of 20 minutes of inactivity), you will be logged off automatically.

NRDR New Design (GRID) 

A new user interface design will be applied to the GRID Registry. The new adjusted design will include smaller font and spacing to allow content to be more compact and require less unnecessary scrolling. Adjustments to table styles will also be implemented to make working with table data user-friendly. Other common items, such as error messages and account registration pages, will also have a new design. Several left menu items have been regrouped into the following categories: Data Management, Reports, and Resources, however the user functionality within these sections will remain the same. 

NRDR is applying this new user interface one registry at a time. Other registries will be updated in future releases.

GRID Homepage

Form Changes (LCSR, GRID) 

Changes to the Indication for Exam field in the LCSR Exam Form will indicate the baseline screen as the first screen while the annual screen will be the subsequent screen. A new option will also be added for non-screening Chest CT assigned a Lung-RADS score. This selection should be used in lie of annual screen to avoid repeat scanning. 

Indication for Exam field in LCSR Exam Form

Lung-RADS version is now an optional field in the LCSR Exam Form.  

Indicate Lung-RADS version used to report results field in LCSR Exam Form

"Tissue Diagnosis" will now be changed to "Tissue/Cytology Diagnosis" in: 

  • Specification documents

  • Web form

  • LCSR exam detail report

  • LCSR data export report

  • Data file upload templates and specs

  • JSON specification 

  • Upload error messages 

GRID Facility Form has been renamed to Annual Facility Form in the left menu. 

Annual Facility Forms screenshot in NRDR.

Note: Please visit the NRDR - Understanding Your Reports page if you need information regarding your reports. 

Naming Convention Updates

Data upload files will now allow free text postfix for naming conventions. You will no longer need to provide 'yyyymmdd-hhmmss' for every file name. Instead unique free text postfix can be used: 

  • GRID Exam Version 1.2 - <<grid_exam_postfix.xlsx>>

  • GRID Exam Version 2.0 - <<grid_exam_postfix.xlsx>>

Note: This change applies to CTC, GRID, LCSR & NMD Data Upload files.

Add Profiles by Modality in Manage Device Profiles (DIR)

Projection X-Ray device profiles can now be designated and filtered by modality type (Fluoroscopy and/or Digital Radiography) in the Manage Device Profiles tab in NRDR. Based on the modality selection, specific input fields will populate to allow you to enter specific device profile information. Modality has now been added to filter by modality type. Unit ID has now been added as an optional free-text field to input unique station names specific to your facility. 

Manage Device Profiles screenshot in NRDR.

Digital Radiography elements include:

  • Classification type

  • Location of dose reference point

  • Single point dose index correction factor

  • Substantial radiation dose level

  • Detector technology

Fluoroscopy elements include:

  • Fluoroscope type

  • Location of dose reference point

  • Single point dose index correction factor

  • Substantial radiation dose level

Input fields for stations in Manage Device Profile tab in NRDR.

Operational Reports Updates (CTC, DIR, NMD)

Static Reports have now been renamed Operational Reports in the DIR Left Menu for consistency across registries.

A new Data Export Report has now been created for the CTC and NMD registry under Operational Reports. The Data Export Report will show all data for CTC and NMD registries, and will be available for the Facility Administrator (FA), Registry Administrator (RA), and Facility User only.  Patient PHI information will be available in the download for FA and RA. PHI will be masked/hidden for Facility Users. 

Exams greater than 3 years will NOT show in the Data Export Reports for CTC, LCS and NMD registries.

Note: Please visit the NRDR Accounts and Profiles page for information regarding user accounts.

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