A case form cannot be added unless at least one printer has been entered using the Manage 3D Printers link on the NRDR menu. 

Add a case by clicking Register New Case on the 3DP Registry menu:

The form cannot be submitted until all fields marked with an asterisk are filled.


Note that there are some dependencies in the data entry process that require some data to be entered in a specific order. You should fill fields in the order they appear in the form. If you need to save an incomplete form, click any of the Save buttons that appear throughout the form. The Institution Case Identifier must be entered in order to save a form. Protected Health Information (including actual or hashed Medical Record Number, Social Security Number, etc.) should not be used to construct the case identifier.  

Institution Case Identifier

The NRDR Case ID will populated automatically when the form is saved or submitted.

Click the links below for information about each section:

Name of primary person responsible for data collection

Use the drop-down menu on the "Name of primary person responsible for data collection" field to enter the appropriate name. If this is the first time you have submitted a form, or if the name you want to enter does not appear on the menu, check Add New. A Save button will appear. Enter the name you want to enter and click the Save button:

Primary person example

Name of person submitting this form

The name of the person submitting the form is submitted automatically and cannot be changed.

Submitting the form

Once you have entered all the requested information, click Submit Case at the bottom of the form.

Submit case

If there are errors, error messages will appear in red at the bottom of the form and next to each field in error. You will not be able to submit the case until the errors are resolved.

Alternatively, you can click Save Case to save your progress and complete the form later, as long as the Institution Case Identifier has been provided. Click Close to cancel your changes.