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3DP Case Form: Imaging Description and Indication(s)

Imaging Exams

One or more imaging exams (up to a maximum of 5) may be used to create virtual models. Enter the patient age (in years) at the time of exam. If the patient is 90 years of age or greater, select the option shown below:
This section describes the fields used to specify the imaging exam(s) used for this 3D printing case. One or more imaging exams may be specified, up to 5 exams. For each exam, certain fields are used to describe the anatomic area imaged. These anatomic descriptors (i.e. body region, subregion, structure) are specified by using the corresponding dropdown menus. To add an anatomic area, select the appropriate anatomic descriptors and click Add Anatomy:

Dropdown menus

For example, a “CT of the chest, abdomen and pelvis with IV contrast” images three body regions: “chest,” “abdomen” and “pelvis.”

As a second example, an “MRI of the upper extremity (elbow) without IV contrast” images the subregion “elbow” in the body region “upper extremity.”
As a third example, an “MRI of the pelvis (prostate) with IV contrast” images the structure “prostate” in the body region “pelvis.”
Note that these anatomic descriptors appear again later in the form, with regard to the specific parts of a printed model. The same system of three fields (i.e. body region, subregion, structure) is referenced again to describe printed parts. However, for a given case, those fields do not necessarily have the same values as those used here to describe imaging exams. That is, the anatomic parts printed may not be exactly the same as the anatomic area imaged. For example, whereas the imaging exam “CT of the abdomen and pelvis with IV contrast” scans the body regions “abdomen” and “pelvis”, this exam could be used to create a printed representation of the liver (body region “abdomen” and structure “liver”).

To remove an anatomic area, click the to the right of the anatomic area name:

Cancel anatomic area

3D Printing Indication

Enter the indication(s) or diagnosis which constitutes the most significant reason(s) for creating this 3D printed model. One or more (up to a maximum of 5) indications may be provided.

For further information on specific data elements, refer to the 3DP Registry Data Dictionary.

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