The Fluoro/DR Summary of Data Submitted report provides summary statistics for both Fluoro and Digital Radiography registry data in the DIR. An exam search function is also available and can help you verify data in the DIR match what your facility has transmitted. All users except Corporate Account Administrators and Service Users may view this report.

To access the report, click the Fluoro/DR Summary of Data Submitted link under the Interactive Reports submenu.

There are interactive filters for Corporate Account, Facility, Exam Date, and Station Names on both the Summary of Data Submitted and Exam Search tabs. Once a Corporate Account is selected, the remaining filters reflect all available values. Selecting a single Corporate Account restricts the Facility filter to only those facilities within that Corporate Account. These filters affect both report tabs. Selecting a Station Name from the Summary of Data Submitted tab affects the data in both tabs.

DIR Fluoro Summary of Data Submitted - Filters

Use the Select Registry parameter to alternate between showing Fluoro data (default) and Digital Radiography data.

By default, the Include Data From filter displays data for the current month but you may set it to any timeframe. Use the Exam Date Range filter to further restrict the report to a specific start and end date within the Include Data From time period. The Exam Search tab also contains a filter for Study Description and Requested Procedure Description. Values in the filter are determined by selecting Requested Procedure or Study from the Description Type parameter, in the upper right corner. To generate the report, select a corporate account. If no data appears, you may need to expand the time period in the Include Data from the filter.

The Summary of Data Submitted tab shows a pie chart of exams by Station Name and bar charts of exam counts by Description and Study Date, as well as a table of exam counts by facility. The pie and bar charts may be used as filters for the entire report. Clicking on a bar in the Number of Exams by Study Date chart filters the remaining charts and table to only show exams for that date.

DIR Fluoro Summary of Data Submitted - Summary

Use the Description Type parameter to show the number of exams by Study Description or Requested Procedure Description in the horizontal bar chart. You can also change the level of aggregation in the Number of Exams by Study Date bar chart by clicking on collapse/expand icons along the y-axis. By default, the chart displays the number of exams by day. Hovering along the top of the y-axis reveals collapse icons [-] next to the month, quarter, and year. Click on an icon to change the level of detail to the corresponding level. In the example below, the mouse has highlighted the collapse icon at the month level.

DIR Fluoro Summary of Data Submitted - Collapse Chart

The level of detail at the bottom of the chart changes to month. An expand icon is now available next to month, to drill down to show data by day, and collapse icons at the top will raise the level of detail to show volume by quarter or year.

DIR Fluoro Summary of Data Submitted - Expand Chart

The Exam Search report title summarizes the number of studies, station names, and facilities matching the filter criteria, with details for each study listed in the table.

DIR Fluoro Summary of Data Submitted - Sample Report

To export data, click anywhere on the table, click the Download icon in the bottom right corner, and select Crosstab to create a .CSV file of the entire table.

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