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DIR Summary of Irradiation Events

The Summary of Irradiation Events report provides additional detail to the CT Dose Information by Exam report by listing the series reported by your facility and the corresponding CTDIvol and Dose Length Product (DLP) for each exam event.

To view the report, find the DIR Registry menu and click Summary of Irradiation Events from the Operational Reports submenu.

The Summary of Irradiation Events filter appears. The DIR Facility Number and DIR Facility Name are automatically filled in and cannot be changed.

You can restrict the events that  appear in the report by entering search criteria in any of the other fields shown. If you leave all fields blank, the report includes all transactions for your facility.

To run the report, click the Submit button. The report appears in a new window. The report displays the Age, Sex, Study Description, Event Description and dose indices CTDIvol and DLP.DIR Summary of Irradiation Events Report

As with the CT Dose Information by Exam report, you can use this report to make sure the DIR is receiving data for each field. If more than 5% of the Study Descriptions are missing or if an entire CT scanner’s exams are missing, please contact us at and we will help you diagnose any problems.

Note: Age cannot be calculated properly if the Date of Exam and Date of Birth are not provided in the DICOM header.

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