NRDR requires each location be registered as a separate facility, where a “facility” is defined as a place where patients receive their exams. To help consolidate billing and reporting, you first register a “Master” facility. The Master facility acts as a “dummy” umbrella entity to which each physical location is mapped as a Child facility. The Master-Child facility hierarchy helps reduce registration costs compared to registering each location independently.

Note: The ACR strongly recommends all registry participants create a Master Facility account, even those who are only registering a single physical location; doing so makes it much easier to add additional facilities in the future.

Note: For DIR it is possible to use a Master facility to transmit data for all facilities through a single location or PACS system or node. See the DIR Data Submission Overview for details, or contact the NRDR Help Desk to see if this setup is best for you. Data submission for registries other than DIR occurs through the Child facilities, not the Master.

To begin the registration process select New Facility Registration from the NRDR menu to launch the Register New Facility page.NRDR Menu - New Facility Registration

If you already have a NRDR user account and are logged in, the Register New Facility page appears. If you are not logged in, a login prompt appears; select yes at the prompt, enter your NRDR credentials and click Continue.Registration - Login

If this is your first time using NRDR and you don’t have an account, select No and click Continue, and an account will be created for you during the registration process.

Facility Information

The first section of the Registration page is for Facility Information. All fields marked with an asterisk are required. 

Note: Even though the Master facility is a “dummy” account, you should complete the fields using information from the actual location you want to use as the point of contact, such as a corporate office.



*Facility Name

The Facility name must be between 2 and 45 characters long. The first two characters must be from the letters “A-Z” or “a-z”.

*Facility Category

Select the appropriate category from the drop-down menu. If you select Other an additional field will appear with the message Please enter your facility category below. Enter free-form text describing your category in the field provided.


Select the approximate population size of the facility’s location.

*Trauma Center Level

Select the appropriate value from the drop-down list.

*Street Line 1

This field must be less than or equal to 45 characters; at least 1 character must be "A-Z", "a-z" or "0-9"; the rest can be any character.

Street Line 2

This field is optional and must be no more than 45 characters.


This field must be 2 to 45 characters long. It cannot include special characters, other than a hyphen (“-“), within a word.


Select the appropriate response.

State or Province

This field is required for addresses in the United States or Canada.

*ZIP or Postal Code

Enter the ZIP or postal code for your primary contact address.


Enter a primary contact telephone number.

Medicare Provider Number

Optional; if entered, it must be exactly six digits.


The National Provider Identifier is required if the facility intends to use the LCSR for Medicare reimbursement; it is optional for all other registries. If entered, it must be exactly ten digits.

Physician Group / Corporate Entity

The Physician Group / Corporate Entity field is a unique label to collectively identify all facilities where you practice. It will be used to link the Master facility with all associated Child facilities. The name does NOT have to be a legal name, but it should be distinctive and meaningful to your organization. Registration - Master Corporate EntityIf you have more than one physician group, we do not need the name of each group with which you work; only list one group name and use the same name across all registered facilities.

Should the invoice for this Facility ID Physician Group / Corporate Entity be sent to this Facility ID or a different Facility ID?


Master Facility ID to which invoice should be sent


Select This Facility ID.Registration - Send Invoice to This Facility ID

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