The American College of Radiology’s National Mammography Database (NMD)NMD Logo is a quality improvement tool that uses data already collected under MQSA federal mandate to create reports that benchmark facility and physician performance and exceed the FDA’s audit data collection requirements. Peer comparisons are available by

  • facility type (e.g. Academic vs. Community Hospital)

  • location (e.g. Metropolitan/Suburban/Rural)

  • census region, and

  • annual procedure volume

Semiannual reports provide valuable feedback that helps you focus on opportunities to improve quality of care. Reports include preliminary data on exams with less than 365 days of follow-up to help facilitate timely corrections and modifications.NMD Reports Snapshot

National benchmark data provided by the NCI-funded Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium BCSC Logoare also used for comparisons with facility data in the reports provided to NMD participants. BCSC sites are working in concert with NMD and all BCSC sites are welcome to participate in NMD.

In addition to comparison reports, NMD data can also be used to calculate QCDR Measures, specially defined by the ACR to help radiologists participate in the CMS MIPS program. And, participating in NMD can help participants fulfill their American Board of Radiology Part IV Maintenance of Certification (MOC) requirements.

Ease of Use and Fees

As part of the NRDR suite of registries NMD utilizes the same Patient, Physician and User dictionaries as other NRDR registries so that information need only be entered once, regardless of the number of registries in which a facility participates.

Participants submit data to the registry through the registry’s data file upload process. Data files can be created using NMD-Certified software or by exporting and converting a file to the NMD format.

The annual participation fee for NMD is based on the number of radiologists interpreting mammography images at a facility and the number of sites included in that facility. NMD participation is free to all Breast Imaging Centers of Excellence (BICOE), to facilities already participating in either GRID or DIR, and fees are waived for three years for Diagnostic Imaging Center of Excellence (DICOE) facilities.

See Registration and Participation Fees for more information.