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DIR Fluoroscopy Features

The Dose Index Registry (DIR) Fluoroscopy (Fluoro) module is the first of three new DIR modules to open for broad participation. Until now, the DIR solely collected and reported data on CT dose indices. The increasing scope and number of fluoroscopically guided procedures performed annually over the past decade makes the addition of a fluoroscopy module a logical step to enhance the safety and quality of patient care.  

Nine facilities piloted the DIR Fluoro module prior to formally launching early in 2021. The pilot phase involved data collection for interventional radiology procedures from March 1, 2018 through December 31, 2019, and manual collection of data regarding fluoroscope configuration and use as well as the accuracy and stability of fluoroscope-reported dose indices.

Data Collected

The DIR Fluoro module automatically de-identifies exam data sent directly to the registry with fluoroscopy specific dose indices: Total Fluoro Time (min.), Reference Air Kerma (mGy) and Kerma Air Product (Gy*cm^2). 

Exam descriptions are standardized using  ACR Common radiology terms and semantic structures so that data are comparable across facilities and scanners. 

Available Reports  

 The Fluoroscopy Summary of Data Submitted and Fluoroscopy Standardized Dose Index reports enable you to analyze fluoroscopy dose data using a variety of filters to obtain information about the number of procedures submitted to the registry and your systems’ performance. Using the reports, you can find missing data and gaps in data transmissions to the registry and identify outlier exams for further investigation.  

Several Knowledge Base articles are available to help you become familiar with reports. Many of the same DIR CT report filters and functions demonstrated in the articles are incorporated into DIR Fluoro reports.

Getting Started 

The DIR Start-up Guide describes a  step-by-step process for DIR participation—from assembling your team to reviewing your reports.   

Already a NRDR participant? Add the DIR to your facility registration . Only one registration is required to participate in any of the DIR modules. 

Last reviewed: 05/06/2021

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