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CTC Facility Comparisons Report

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Report Purpose

How to Access

Get started by signing in to the NRDR Portal and selecting CTC Registry in the left menu. Then, under the Interactive Reports section, select Facility Comparisons.

The report is comprised of 6 tabs with the left-most tab being the About this Report tab that provides insight about the reports’ measures and overall filter use.  Upon selecting a tab displaying report data, hover over the information icon (blue circle in the upper left corner) to obtain details about maximizing the analysis capabilities of the information presented in that tab.

The Report Features

The six tabs displaying performance results and other data are described below.

Facilities Map

The map displays the number of facilities participating in the registry by census region for one or multiple years.

Facility Peer Comparisons Report

The report compares a single site’s data to various peer groups, including sites: 

  • in the same Census Region (e.g. East North Central, Mountain)

  • of the same facility type (e.g. academic, freestanding center)

  • in the same type of location (e.g. suburban, metropolitan)

  • in the same volume category (e.g. performs 26 - 50, 51 - 75 exams per year

  • in the entire registry

(Click on the image for a better view.)

The data table shows each measure, the numerator and denominator values, and the facility's measure rate. Hover over a circle to see peer group comparison details. Each color-coded circle represents the site's ranking compared to the peer group, in terms of quartiles. For example, the highest 25% group typically indicates the facility performed well and was better than 75% of all sites in that group, and the lower 25% indicates the facility performance was relatively poor, faring worse than 75% of all sites in the group.

The report provides rankings over time for the selected facility compared to all CTC facilities meeting the case threshold for a specific measure.  The line chart compares the facility’s rate (green line) to the registry median (gray line), for each available year. Therefore, for measures where higher rates are better, a facility rate above the registry median line means the facility performed better than half of all sites in the CTC Registry.

(Click on the image for a better view.)

Facility Comparisons

The report provides rankings for multiple facilities so you can compare data across facilities within the same corporate account. The report also includes total measurement rates, compiled across the selected facilities.

Facility Characteristics

Displays the number of sites by Facility Type, Location Type, and Census Division. Each bar chart denotes the number of sites that met the case threshold for the year (blue bars), and the number of sites that fell below the threshold (gray bars). 

   (Click on the image for a better view.)

A peer group must have 5 facilities with at least 20 exams each in order for statistics to be calculated for a measure.

Measure Definitions

This tap provides definitions for all the report measures.

Date last reviewed: 3/10/22

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