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CTC Physician Aggregate Report

The CTC Physician Report shows measures for each physician in your facility along with results for your overall facility, other facilities, and the entire registry.

Reports are posted quarterly with results for January through March, January through June, July through September, and October through December.

Click the Aggregate Reports menu item on the NRDR Homepage Facility Management menu to generate a table of reports available for download.  CTC Reports Available for DownloadA sample report is available here.

CT Colonography Summary Table

The summary table shows results for each CTC measure for each physician in your facility, by national provider identifier (NPI), compared to other facilities and the entire CTC registry. Each row shows the numerator (instances), the denominator (eligible for measure), and the rate for each measure.


A series of bar graphs, one per CTC measure, provides a clear comparison of each physician’s results compared to your facility and the registry.

Trend charts show the change in rates over time, by reporting period, for your facility and the entire registry, for each measure. The trend lines denote the median measure rate and the “whisker” markers

highlight the 95% confidence interval.

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