The following reports are available for the LCSR. Click on a link for more information on each report.


What Does the Report Show?




Summary data including number of exams registered, cancelled, in progress and completed for the user’s facility

Ad hoc


Exam Status

Patient ID, Physician, exam status, and form submission dates

Exam Detail

Exam and follow-up data, by exam

LCSR Data Export

All data from Lung Exam and Lung Follow-Up forms submitted to registry for user’s facility

LCSR Quarterly Aggregate Report

Aggregated measures for facility compared to other sites by type, location, and geographical region, and to entire registry

Measures for each physician compared to entire registry

List of physicians participating in ABR PQI


LCSR Corporate Account Reports

Excel spreadsheet with same data as National Comparison table in Quarterly Aggregate Report, but with data for each facility shown side-by-side compared to entire corporate account (i.e. all facilities combined), and the LCSR.

LCSR Measures - Aggregate Report

Interactive report displaying LCSR measures with rankings for a facility compared to peer groups comprised of sites in the same census division, of the same facility type, in the same location type, and all registry sites.

Annual trends are also provided, with comparisons to the entire registry for all years available for the selected facility.

Annual, current year-to-date data refreshed weekly