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LCSR Quarterly Aggregate Report

The LCSR Quarterly Aggregate Report summarizes data for your facility and physicians and compares results to similar facilities and the entire registry to help you focus on quality patient care.

Reports are available under Aggregate Reports menu item in the NRDR Homepage Facility Management menu and are posted quarterly per the schedule, below:

Report Period

Report Issued

Jan. – Mar.


Jan. – Jun.


Jan – Sep.


Jan. – Dec.


A sample report is available here.LCSR Reports Available for Download

For facilities with a Corporate-Child hierarchy, copies of each child facility report are also available for download through the Corporate Facility account, allowing the Corporate Administrator to download all reports.

The rest of this article briefly describes each section of the PDF version of the report. 

Facilities Map

The Facilities Map displays the geographic distribution of facilities that contributed data for the given reporting period, grouped by Census Division. LCSR Quarterly - Active Facilities MapThe map provides a visual representation of which facilities are included in the Division comparison statistics included in the report.

Measure Definitions

The Measures Definitions table provides a brief description of each measure listed in the report.

Facility Characteristics

Measures for your facility are compared to the entire registry as LCSR Quarterly - Facility Location Bar Chartwell as to similar facilities. “Similar” facilities are those with the same

  • Facility Type – e.g. Community, Academic, Freestanding, etc.

  • Location – e.g. Metropolitan, Suburban, Rural

  • Census Division

The Facilities Characteristics section summarizes the frequency of each facility characteristic. Each chart shows your facility name and characteristic in the title, and the distribution of each characteristic across the entire registry.

Facility and Physician Data

LCSR measures are grouped into four sections:

  • Section 1 includes facility-level preliminary data for screening exams in the current reporting period.

  • Section 2 includes facility-level data for exams from the prior calendar year with a follow-up through the current reporting period.

  • Sections 3 and 4 follow the same format as Sections 1 and 2, with data by physician National Provider Identifier (NPI).

Each section contains a National Comparison table showing measures for your facility, or a single physician, and the entire LCSR Registry.LCSR Quarterly – National Comparison

Note: The National Comparison table is also available as an Excel spreadsheet for facilities with a Corporate-Child hierarchy and shows data for all Child facilities side-by-side.

A Regional Comparison table is also provided in Sections 1 and 2 and compares your facility’s measures to facilities of the same type, in the same type of location, and in the same Census Division.LCSR Quarterly – Regional Comparison

Physicians Participating in ABQ PQI Projects

LCSR is certified as a Practice Quality Improvement (PQI) project for ABR Part IV Maintenance of Certification. The LCSR Quarterly Aggregate Report includes a table of all physicians currently listed as participating in an ABR PQI project through the LCSR. However, it is no longer necessary for the ACR to track your project. Consult ABR PQI Projects for more details.

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