The LCSR is introducing a web-based LCS Facility Locator Tool later this year to help patients find ACR Designated Lung Cancer Screening Centers and LCSR participants. Users will be able to enter their ZIP Code, specify a locale radius, and retrieve the name, distance, address, and telephone number of sites near them.

Please help us make this tool available by confirming your facility information meets the standardized facility format to be used across all LCS centers LCSR sites.

To get started, enter the ZIP Code for your facility and select a desired distance. If you see a red exclamation mark for one of your sites, hover over the mark for details. Reasons for marks and possible actions include:
  • Sites have similar addresses or names; you can update the NRDR information by visiting the Facility Information page in the NRDR portal

  • The site address has not yet been verified in the NRDR portal; you can verify and standardize the LCSR address by clicking the Verify Address button on the Facility Information page

  • The site address is a PO Box - consider updating the LCSR address to a street address where patients can receive care

 Click on the red exclamation mark once to see the details and to get a link to the NRDR Facility Information page.