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DIR CT Report Changes 2023 - 2024


This article provides an overview of DIR CT report updates and new functionality that will be implemented starting December 2023 to make it more intuitive for you to review your facility’s performance data and to better identify opportunities for dose optimization. The changes also reduce the redundancy of information across the DIR CT reports. The updates will occur in three phases as described below.

Phase 1: A New CT Administrative Aggregate Report Consolidates the Corporate Excel Report and the Facility Excel Report and Adds New Features

  • Timeline: December 20, 2023.

  • Major changes:
    • The CT Administrative Aggregate Report replaces the Corporate Excel Report and the Facility Excel Report and provides new features, including:

      • Functionality to compare a single facility to a selected peer group and multiple facilities to one another and the registry

      • More flexible filter for selecting report timeframe

      • Filters to select the top 10 exams performed and comparison statistics.

    Expanded filter options available in the CT Administrative Aggregate Report

  • Report access: The CT Aggregate Report link is available in two locations in the NRDR portal:

    • An Aggregate Reports link becomes available under the DIR Interactive Reports menu heading. The link opens a page to access the CT Administrative Aggregate Report and Leapfrog Report.

    • The Aggregate Reports link under Facility Management in the NRDR main menu remains and includes access to both the CT Administrative Aggregate Report and the Leapfrog Report.

Phase 2: Enhancements to the CT Facility Comparisons Report and the Leapfrog Report Become Available

  • Timeline:  Early January 2024.

  • User access:

    • For the CT Facility Comparisons Report: All NRDR user profiles except Corporate Administrator and Service User

    • For the Leapfrog Report: All user profiles.

  • Major changes to the CT Facility Comparison Report:

    •  New filters allow for:

      • Aggregating report data by body area or exam name

      •  Viewing performance by a specific comparison peer group, e.g., location or standing, e.g., above the 75th percentile

      •  Selecting a specific report timeframe and comparing performance against year-to-date or prior-year data

    • A new Download dashboard facilitates easier data download.

Expanded filter options available in the CT Facility Comparison Report

  • Major changes to the Leapfrog Report:

  • New filters allow for:

  • Drilling down from the Leapfrog summary table to show which RPIDs are used for a given Body Area/Age Group stratum

  • Viewing irradiation events for a single exam

  • Reviewing and removing exams from dashboards

  • Viewing age group strata that have fewer than 10 exams via color coding

  • Report access: 

  • For the Facility Comparison Report: Under the DIR Interactive Reports menu heading

  • For the Leapfrog Report: In the NRDR Portal access Aggregate Reports under the DIR Interactive Reports menu heading or, in the NRDR main menu, under the Facility Management heading.

Phase 3: New Links for Administrative Aggregate Report and Leapfrog Report 

  • Timeline: April 2024.

  • User access: All NRDR user profiles.

  • Major change: 

  • Separate links become available for the CT Administrative Aggregate Report and Leapfrog Report under the DIR Interactive Reports menu for CT reports and the Aggregate Reports link goes away.

  • Report access:  In the NRDR Portal  DIR menu access the CT Administrative Aggregate Report link or the Leapfrog Report link under the Interactive Reports heading, or in the NRDR main menu under the Facility Management heading select the Aggregate Reports link. 


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