The difference between NMD Version 2.0 and NMD Version 2.1 is that Version 2.1 has three additional fields:

  • Facility ID
  • Old Medicare Beneficiary ID
  • New Medicare Beneficiary ID

The same difference exists between NMD Version 3.0 and NMD Version 3.1.

When transitioning from Version 2.0/2.1 to Version 3.0/3.1, it is not necessary to resubmit exams that had already been reported in 2.0/2.1 format. You are encouraged to do so, however, if you are able to report fields for those exams, that are included in 3.0/3.1 formats only.

All ultrasound/MRI data elements, and all other 3.0/3.1 fields, are null for exams reported using 2.0/2.1 formats. If the same exam is again reported using 3.0/3.1 formats, the 3.0/3.1 fields are populated. Fields common to both versions of NMD are overwritten.

Exams for the same patient are linked using Social Security Number, Old Medicare Beneficiary ID, New Medicare Beneficiary ID, and/or the unique patient ID you provide, regardless of the NMD version used to report the exam.