The CMS Submission 2017 tab in the MIPS Portal allows you to select measures and activities for submission to CMS. You must also attest that you authorize the ACR to submit data to CMS for yourself, or on behalf of a participating clinician.

Note: Facility administrators may attest on behalf of physicians.

Follow these steps to select and submit measures and activities to CMS:

  • Log in to NRDR, select MIPS Participation Portal, and then click Data Collection and Reports to log in to the MIPS portal.

Note: If you have access to multiple facilities, remember to select for which facility you will be reporting by choosing it from the pick list after you log in to NRDR.

  • The name of the CMS Submission tab depends on your NRDR user type. Physician users should click on the Physician CMS Submission 2017 tab. If you are a NRDR Facility Administrator, Registry Administrator, or Facility user, click on the Facility CMS Submission 2017 tab.

  • Select Reporting Year 2017 and click Refresh Data at the top of the page to retrieve the latest data.

  • Click on GPRO/Non GPRO Management to expand the section and display each TIN associated with your current facility. Use this section to choose whether to submit data for a TIN as a group, using the Group Practice Reporting Option (GPRO) or to submit individual clinician results (Non GPRO). Your choice applies to all Quality measures, Improvement Activities, and ACI measures for a given TIN. For example, for a single TIN, you cannot choose to report Quality measures as a group and report ACI measures individually.MIPS Portal - CMS Submission - GPRO Selection

Note: If the GPRO/Non GPRO selections appear greyed out, that means one or more performance categories (Quality, IA, ACI) have already been finalized for at least one physician. You must undo finalization for all categories before you can change GPRO selection.

  • Click and expand the Attestation section, review the attestation statement, enter your e-mail address, and click I attest. Attestation formally authorizes the ACR to submit data to CMS on your behalf and should be completed by March 21, 2018.MIPS Portal - CMS Submission - Attestation

The ACR cannot submit your data to CMS without attestation, even for measures and activities marked as “finalized.”

Once you have attested that the ACR may submit data to CMS, selected all measures and activities, and marked all selections as "finalized" the ACR will format and transmit your selections to CMS. If you need to make changes, follow the steps described in Select Quality Measures and Select Improvement Activities and ACI Measures.

Do not wait until the last minute! All measures and activities must be submitted to CMS no later than March 31, 2018. The ACR recommends you finalize and submit by March 21.