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How to Submit Payment

Annual NRDR Registry and CMS reporting invoices are generated based upon the acceptance of the renewal application and invoice notifications are emailed to the Corporate Account Administrator, as well as the alternative contact on January 5th. Initial and reinstate application invoice notifications are emailed upon submission of the application. Fees are due as part of the application process and may be paid online via credit card or a check can be mailed. 

The Corporate Account Administrator is the only user able to view or download a PDF copy of the invoice in the NRDR portal.


Check Payment

Please include your NRDR Corporate Account ID on the check and make it payable to American College of Radiology. Send the check and a copy of the invoice to:

Attn: NRDR Operations

American College of Radiology

1892 Preston White Drive

Reston, VA 20191-4397

Credit Card Payment

The Corporate Account Administrator is the only user able to make a credit card payment in the NRDR portal via the Online Payment link in the Corporate Account Management Financial menu.

Online credit card payments are processed through PayPal.

If the Corporate Account Administrator is not responsible for the payment, they can send a link to the person responsible for payment by clicking the Share Payment Link. This person does not need an NRDR user account. NRDR staff does not accept credit card payments over the phone.

ACH Payment

Please refer to the instructions and the reference information listed on your system-generated invoice to ensure that the appropriate corporate account receives credit for the payment.

Annual Renewal

On November 15th, Corporate Account Administrators and the alternative contact receive notification of the system-generated renewal application. In order to maintain current and accurate information, NRDR conducts an annual renewal application process. This provides an opportunity for Corporate Accounts to update their information on file, as well as ensure timely, accurate invoicing in January. 

Only the Corporate Account Administrator can access the renewal application via the My Applications link from the Corporate Account Management Operational menu. Click Edit in the 'Action' column next to the renewal application in draft status to review the application and make any necessary updates. The application is due on January 5th. If it is not submitted, the system automatically accepts the application on January 5th prior to issuing the invoice.

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