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Manual Entry: Exam Form Section B 'Follow-Up Within 1 Year'

A follow-up record may be added to an exam at any time during the year between screening exams.

Note: For LCSR purposes, a follow-up is not a screening exam; it is any additional imaging, biopsy, or surgery which occurs within 12 months of a screening exam, performed as a result of the findings of a screening exam. See "What follow-up procedures should be reported?" on the LCSR FAQ page for more information.

Follow-up visits should be added to Section B of the exam form. If more than one exam form exists for a patient, enter the follow-up record on the most recent exam form whose exam date is less than or equal to the date of follow-up.

You may add follow-up data to a submitted exam by clicking Exam under Data Collection in the LCSR menu. Click the corresponding Exam # for the patient for whom you want to add follow-up data. The submitted Exam form will display previously saved information. Click theButton - Expandbutton to expand the 'B. Follow-up within 1 year' section.

Click Add Follow-up Record to add a new record and enter all required and/or applicable information for the follow-up record. 

Note: The following fields need to be collected for any follow-up imaging, biopsy, or surgical procedure for a patient who is in the screening program. There can be multiple follow-up records for each patient during the same year. Please complete a follow-up record for each procedure, even if the procedures occur on the same day. If a patient has a percutaneous biopsy and a bronchoscopy, for example, there should be a separate record for each.


Field Name


*Date of Follow-up

Please enter date in mm/dd/yyyy format.

*Follow-up diagnostic

Select the appropriate response.

Lung cancer incidence (The following fields apply if the procedure resulted in a tissue diagnosis. Not applicable for imaging follow-up.

Tissue diagnosis

Select the appropriate response.

Tissue diagnosis method

Select the appropriate response.

Location from which sample was obtained

Select all responses that apply.


Select the appropriate response.

Stage - Clinical or pathologic?

Select the appropriate response.

Overall Stage

Select the appropriate response.

T Status

Select the appropriate response.

N Status

Select the appropriate response.

M Status

Select the appropriate response.

AJCC Cancer Staging Manual edition used for staging

Select the appropriate response.

Click Save to add the follow-up data to the Exam form.

Every follow-up procedure should have a record on the Exam form. If you need to remove a record, you may use the Delete Follow-up Record button to remove the follow-up information from the form.

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