As the modalities have evolved to accommodate new and emerging components within each of the NRDR-supported registries, versions of each modality have been (and will be) updated and revised over time. The table below is a summary of the current versions of each NRDR-supported registry, along with any last known date data will be accepted in each version. For additional information, we recommend consulting the file specifications of your desired registry, and contact us with any additional questions you may have.

RegistryStart DateEnd DateChange From Previous VersionNumber of Data Elements
CTC 1.3Q1 2021

Health insurance, COVID vaccine information45
GRID 2.0Q1 2020

Includes patient demographics, follow-up imaging recommendations and clinical focus83
GRID 2.1
Q4 2020

Addition of physician TIN84
LCSR 1.5
Q1 2021

COVID vaccine information105
LCSR 1.6Q4 2021
Adjustments to allow primary and secondary histology108
NMD 2.0Q3 2009

Based on BI-RADS 4th ed. 

NMD 2.2Q2 2020

COVID vaccine information64
NMD 3.0Q4 2016
Based on BI-RADS 5th ed.
NMD 3.3Q1 2021

Patient Race, Education, Insurance COVID vaccine information108
NMD 3.4Q4 2021
Method of Detection added109