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NMD Exam Search

Report Purpose

The NMD Exam Search report enables you to select and download data elements to track performance trends of interest for one or more facilities within a given date range.

Example Use Case

Download data to develop a report displaying recall rates by physician NPI over time.

How to Access

From the NMD directory page in the NRDR portal, under Interactive Reports in the left menu, select Exam Search to open the report.

The About this Report tab provides insight about the reports’ measures and filter use. Hover over the information icon (blue circle in the upper left corner of the report tab) to obtain details about maximizing the report’s capabilities.

Report Features

Get started by selecting a Corporate Account, a corresponding Facility, or Facilities, and timeframe of interest. 

  • The Exam Search Tab include a range of filters to help you explore patterns and trends of interest, e.g., Exam Type, Lesion Characteristics, and Modality.

    Note: The scrollbar in the lower right scrolls through additional exam-related data, e.g.,     whether a biopsy was performed and the results. 

Click on the image to view a larger version.

  • The NMD Field Rules Tab describes the various rules applied to the registry's data elements prior to measure calculation.

  • The NMD Measure Rules Tab lists the descriptions, fields and logic used to calculate each NMD measure.

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