The CTC Upload Template is pre-formatted with each of the CTC record data elements. 

You may use the Excel template to create your data file, and then upload that template or convert the Excel workbook to a text file prior to upload.

NOTE: When uploading an Excel file, please ensure it does NOT have any formulas in the cells. This will cause the file to reject and potentially not allow the log file to be accessed.

If the Facility ID column is left blank, data for that row will be uploaded to the facility currently selected in the facility picker.

Note: Version 1.3 can only be used beginning on November 1, 2021. Versions 1.2 will not be accepted after that date.


  • CTC Data File Upload Template v1.2: July 12, 2021
  • CTC Data File Upload Template v1.3: July 12, 2021