Logging In

Logging in to the NRDR portal provides you access to all registries (e.g. GRID, LCSR) associated with your NRDR user account. To log in, enter your user name and password in the fields in the upper right corner of the home page and click the Log In button.NRDR Login Screen

Refer to Change Account Details for how to change your password or to get a new password if you have forgotten it.

Login Banner

The top part of each page displays a status bar showing your name, NRDR corporate account, facility ID, and facility name. When you are finished using the portal use the Logout link to terminate your session. NRDR Status Bar

For users with access to multiple facilities, the corporate account, facility ID and name fields are displayed in a pick list, to allow the user to quickly switch between facilities without having to log out and log back in. You can set a default facility so that it is selected automatically each time you log in. See Change Account Details for more information.

NRDR Status Bar - Multiple Facilities

Note: If there are a lot of facilities available in the pick list, you can search for a specific facility by typing the first few characters of the facility ID or facility name in the search bar at the top of the list.

Keep in mind that selecting a facility from the pick list changes the context for the portal and may affect the menu items and data displayed. For example, the Registries menu on the left side of the screen only displays those registries in which the currently selected facility participates. If Test Facility 1 participates in the DIR and Test Facility 2 does not, then DIR does not appear in the Registries menu when Test Facility 2 is selected.

NRDR Dashboard

The NRDR Dashboard is the first screen that appears after logging in.  This area is reserved to communicate important messages or reminders.  The announcements section may or may not have an announcement displayed.   

The dashboard contains a table of all the facilities associated with your user account, the current facility status, registries, and current year data submission status of each facility.  The Data Submission Status column displays the data submission status for the registry based on the current calendar year.  The data submission status is refreshed nightly.NRDR Dashboard

The links and buttons shown on the dashboard vary, depending on your user role. For example, Corporate Account Administrators can click on the Corporate Account ID or Facility ID links to go to information pages for each item, and have an Add New Facility/Registry button.


The portal menu appears along the left side of the screen. The topmost item shows the main menu for the current page. For example, upon logging in, the ACR NRDR Homepage main menu appears.Menu - ACR NRDR Homepage

The main menu changes dynamically for each registry. For example, clicking DIR from the Registry submenu opens the DIR homepage. The main banner displays the registry name and the menu changes to display the submenus and items to which you have access.Menu - DIR

Click theExpand Buttonbutton to expand a submenu item or click theCollapse Buttonbutton to collapse it.

Click directly on a menu link to display a summary of what each item does under that menu. For example, clicking on My Account displays the help page for the items in the My Account menu.NRDR Portal Menu Help Pages

To return to the NRDR menu from a registry menu, click on ACR NRDR Homepage at the top of the menu.

LCSR Home Page

Do not use the Back button on your browser to navigate to a form; doing so will prevent your data from being stored in the registry. Always use the Data Collection menu items from each registry’s menu to navigate to a data collection form.


Search filters are available on most data entry pages. Use these filters to search for information within a specific date range or other search criteria, depending on the page. 

Filters usually appear collapsed at the top of the page. Click theExpand Buttonbutton to expand the section and use the filter.NRDR Manage Patients - Search Filter - Collapsed

Error Checking

If you enter invalid data or perform an incorrect action, the system displays a red error message next to the invalid item or at the bottom of the page. On larger forms or pages, you may need to scroll up or down to locate all error messages.Corporate Account Registration Errors

Session Timeout

For security purposes, your session will terminate automatically after 20 minutes of inactivity. Any entries you may have made since clicking the Save button will be lost.

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