QCDR participants can submit data to the ACR for both MIPS and Non-MIPS quality measures for successful MIPS participation. You can also select activities for the Improvement Activities category for submission to CMS. Attestation for Advancing Care Information measure data will be available in the MIPS portal in the near future.

Data submission requirements differ for MIPS and Non-MIPS measures. Data for MIPS measures are submitted via Excel or text file uploads through the MIPS Portal.

Data for NRDR Non-MIPS measures are submitted through the relevant process for each registry; methods vary by registry. Consult the data submission articles for CTC, DIR, IR, GRID, LCSR, and NMD for more information.

Note: Non-MIPS data do not need to be submitted for all NRDR registries, only to registries that support those measures relevant to your practice for MIPS participation.

The ACR recommends you continue to monitor your performance and submit data frequently to the respective NRDR data registries and the MIPS Portal. Registry participants receive quarterly QCDR Preview reports for Non-MIPS measures at the facility level and by physician. See Understanding Your Reports for more information. Physicians can also review both MIPS and Non-MIPS performance scores at the TIN and National Provider Identifier (NPI) level through the MIPS Portal. This feedback helps you stay on top of MIPS reporting requirements and, more importantly, get valuable feedback on opportunities for improving the quality of care for your patients.

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