The Summary of Data Printed report allows a user to view the exams submitted to the registry by date, type and other criteria. Accessing the portal for the report can be found on the left side, after the user has logged in:

Once accessed, the Summary screen will appear. You can choose the Corporate Account, Facility ID and Start/End Dates of your choosing. Note: You must select the Corporate Account and click Apply in order for report data to generate correctly.

When you have made the applicable choices above, you can proceed with viewing several sections:

  • The Printers pie chart shows the number of cases for each printer. Hovering over each portion of the chart provides information for each:

  • The Procedures horizontal bar chart shows surgical procedure counts. Hovering over each provides the exact count:

  • The Cases by Submission Date vertical bar chart shows the cases submitted by the date received. Hovering over each provides the exact count:

  • The¬†Facilities table shows the number of cases by facility:
    When clicking on the facility, you will see a page that summarizes data, procedure and data information for that facility, shown below: