The GRID Turnaround Time Summaries report can help you quickly identify turnaround time performance anomalies or patterns by reviewing data across a variety of variables. The report can also provide insight about the effect of new processes and performance improvement efforts. For example, the report can help you assess the impact of new scheduling methods, changes in staffing levels, and new equipment. Performance trends can be delved into for one or more facilities, modality, time period, exam type, and more. 


Access the report by selecting GRID Turnaround Time Summaries from the Interactive Reports menu. Select at least one Corporate Account and click Apply to retrieve data. 

The following report filters refine the data returned in the report:

  • Facility lists all facilities associated with the selected corporate account(s)

  • Exam From and To allows users to enter the time period of interest

  • Study Name enables selection of one or more exam types

The summary tables at the top of the report display the number of exams and average turnaround time by Facility ID, NPI, Modality, Place of Service, and Number of Readers. 

Note: The Number of Readers filter enables you to view a breakdown of exams by Single (interpreted by one radiologist) or Multiple (interpreted by more than one radiologist, e.g., a resident and attending physician) prior to sign off of the final report.

Rows in each table are sorted by descending average turnaround time. All summary tables are interactive; clicking on a row will filter the rest of the report, including the exam table. For example, click on ED in the Place of Service Summary table to show data for the ED only in all other tables and charts. To undo a selection, click on it again, or click the Undo button in the bottom left corner of the report.

The sample report view presented below shows summary data for abdominal CT exams completed from January 1, 2020 to March 31 in the ED for one facility with identifying data masked.  The light gray bars indicate exam volumes and the blue bars indicate turnaround times

Click on the image for a better view

The heat map calendars display average turnaround times by the date exams are completed and by the date the corresponding final reports are signed for the time period selected in the Exam From and To filter. Blue denotes dates with average shorter turnaround times and red indicates average longer times. 

Note: Each heat map calendar has a separate legend as the ranges may be different. Click a date in the Date Exam Completed calendar to filter the report.  Scroll through the Date Final Report Signed Calendar to view the corresponding dates when the final reports were signed or through the GRID Exam Search Table for more detail.   

The sample report view presented below shows how selecting a day in the Data Exam Completed  calendar updates the report including a GRID Exam Search table. 

The report view below shows how also selecting a date in the Date Final Report Signed calendar can provide details about exams with outlier turnaround times.