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CDSR Interactive Report

The CDSR Interactive Report allows you to analyze CDSR data for your participating facilities using customized criteria.  The reports can be a useful tool to draw insights from the data.

You can access the report by selecting CDSR Report from the CDSR left menu.

Note: An ACR user name and password is required to access the CDSR Interactive Report.  Your ACR user name and password may be different than your NRDR credentials.

From the R-SCAN dashboard, click the CDS Registry Projects tab and select CDS Registry Report.

A short video is available demonstrating how to use the interactive report. Click on the Full Screen icon, to the right of the YouTube logo, if you'd like to view the video in full screen mode.

Select at least one Organization and click Apply to retrieve data.  By default the last 12 months of exams will be retrieved.

Use the following report filters to refine the data returned in the report:

  • Topic restricts exams to the corresponding Choosing Wisely, CMS Priority Clinical Areas, and other imaging areas supported by R-SCAN.

  • Indication Name restricts exams to specified mapped CDS indication name

  • Exam Name

  • Organization

  • NPI restricts exams for specified NPI(s) who ordered the exam(s)

  • Group Name restricts exams to specified ordering department/practice/group(s)

  • Date Range Selection specifies the time period to include, relative to today.  The filter is set to Last 12 months by default

The sample report below shows bar charts for the number of record per Topic, Group, NPI, and Mapped Indications and a pie chart for Rating Distribution.  You can click any on any of the graphs to apply a filter to all the data shown in your report.  You can remove these filters anytime with a second click.

CDSR Interactive Report

You can further drill down into your data by hovering over the individual bars within the bar graphs.  When you hover over the bars in the Number of records per topic graph, you can see the number of exams by month.

CDSR Interactive Report hover over Topic graph

When you hover over the bars in the Mapped indications graph, you can see the number of exams that are mapped to that specific indication.

CDSR Interactive Report hover over Mapped indications graph

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