The NRDR Knowledge Base is your resource for learning about, and how to use, the registries that comprise the National Radiology Data Registry. As an online resource, this single guide replaces the individual user guides for the six NRDR registries and the MIPS portal, making it easier to search for and find information.

The guide is organized with both general content that applies to all registries, and registry-specific content, compiled into “articles” for the following categories:

  • NRDR – Overview introduces each of the registries as well as the ACR’s Qualified Clinical Data Registry for CMS’s Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)

  • Getting Started provides the information needed for new participants to complete applications for corporate and facility accounts and for existing participants to update or manage their accounts.

  • Facility and Account Management describes how to create and manage user profiles and databases for physicians, physician groups, etc. required for using registries.

  • Submitting Data and Understanding Your Reports contain registry-specific articles on getting data into registries and generating and using reports.

  • MIPS/CMS Reporting content is specific to the MIPS program, including requirements on the various program categories as well as how to use NRDR as a QCDR for MIPS reporting.

  • Technical Requirements and Core Documents contain support documentation and forms.

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