Before beginning the setup process, we encourage you to identify a local IR registry “champion.” This person could be your registry Facility Administrator, can help set up and promote the use of templates by participating clinicians, and can coordinate across local IT support, TRIAD and registry contacts.

Follow these steps to set up your facility to transmit data:

  1. Register each imaging site for the IR registry. 

    • If you’re already registered with the ACR’s NRDR you can update your registration to add the IR registry to each participating facility; 

    • If you are brand new to the NRDR, follow this registration process to create your NRDR account, get facility IDs for each participating site, and sign up for one or more registries.

  2. Download the IR standardized report templates from the SIR and load them into your reporting software. You may need help from your IT group or software provider if you are not familiar with loading templates.

  3. Take some time to customize the templates for your practice. Consult the SIR Standardized Reporting User Guide for detailed information on the design of the templates. You can also watch the IR Registry: Standardized Reporting Tutorial video to see how the templates work and how you can change the format, default values, pick lists, etc. to best suit your needs.

  4. Identify an IT person to install and configure the TRIAD software. Also identify and involve the person responsible for your HL7 interface so they can complete the HL7 configuration steps.

  5. Assign a workstation for TRIAD and provide the onsite person with the TRIAD Site Server for the IR Registry Guide

Note: If you are already using TRIAD for the DIR, you can install the IR version of Site Server on the same workstation as the DIR version.

  1. Contact and we will help coordinate the installation and testing process.

Note: The workstation must have access to both the internal network where HL7 messages are transmitted as well as the internet, so that data can be sent to the IR registry. The workstation does not require direct access to medical applications, such as Epic.

  1. Activate the domain through TRIAD Site Server, using your NRDR user credentials. If you plan to have someone from your IT department activate the domain, then create a Facility User account for them from the Manage User Profiles page.

Web-services Setup

If you would like to use a Certified Partner to transmit your data, follow steps 1 – 3, above, and then contact your software provider to let them know to start sending data to the IR registry on your behalf.

If your software vendor is not a Certified Partner, ask them to contact the NRDR Help Desk to learn how to get certified.

Contact Info

Use the appropriate contact, below, if you need help during or after installation.



SIR Templates

For uploading into your software or customizing templates, contact your software vendor or your local IT group

For other questions, contact SIR's Health Policy and Economics Division


Your local IT group

TRIAD Site Server for IR

ACR's TRIAD Support

IR Registry

ACR’s NRDR Support

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