The Summary Comparison report allows you to query your facility’s data and compare it to the entire registry and similar facilities.

You can access the report by selecting Summary Comparison from the menu, after logging in to the report tool. The report may be filtered by

  • Data Type (unit of measure): CTDIvol, DLP or SSDE; either maximum value across scans or total for the exam

Note: Maximum and total values will be the same for single-scan exams

  • Age Group

  • Exam Date range

  • RadLex Playbook ID (RPID)

The report generates a summary table with comparisons between your facility’s data and corresponding data for the DIR as a whole and for facilities similar to yours from the most recent semiannual report.

The sample report, below, was created with the following criteria:

  • Data Type: SSDE Max across scans

  • Age Group: Adult only

  • Exam Date range: Sep. 1 – Nov. 30, 2017

  • RPIDs: All

DIR SDIR - Summary Comparison Sample 1The results appear on the right side of the screen, sorted by the standardized exam name and age group. Your facility’s results are displayed first, in bold, and are limited to the exam date range specified in the filter. Below the results are data from the most recent semiannual aggregate report (Jan. 1 – Jun. 30, 2017, in this example) for the DIR and facilities with the same location, Census Division, and facility type.

Use the Excel button to export a detailed copy of your search results, as shown, below.

DIR SDIR - Summary Comparison - Excel Export

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