The Summary Comparison report allows you to query your facility’s data and compare it to the entire registry and similar facilities.

The report is available via the Summary Comparison link under the Interactive Reports menu. You must first select a Facility ID to generate the report.

The rest of the report filters and parameters are set to default values and may be changed at any time:

  • DIR Measure (unit of measure): Dose Index type CTDIvol, Dose Length Product (DLP) or Size-Specific Dose Estimate (SSDE); either maximum value across scans or total for the exam

  • Exam Year, set to the most recently available year, by default

  • Quarter, set to Q1, by default

  • Age Group

  • Exam Report Name

  • Peer Group, for comparisons with the entire registry, same location type, same Census division, and same facility type

  • Exam Count Threshold: minimum number of exams required to display data for the site

The report generates a summary table with columns for the number of exams (N), and quartiles for the selected DIR measure by exam and age group.

DIR Interactive Reports - Sample Summary Comparison

(Click on the image for a better view)

Comparisons are listed in rows below the facility row. Facility rows with median values below the 25th percentile for the entire DIR registry or above the 75th percentile are highlighted.  For example, in the above snapshot, CT ABDOMEN PELVIS W IVCON for patients aged 15 - 18 is highlighted in blue because the facility median of 5.0 is below the registry 25th percentile of 5.7.

Selecting the Corporate Account from the Facility filter aggregates data for all facilities within that account.

Note: All DIR Sites is the only Peer Group available for Corporate Account-level data because facilities within the account may have different peers - e.g. two different facilities may have two different facility types, location types, etc.

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