Build Your Own Exam Mapping for a Single Exam

If you are not able to find a suitable RPID to map for your exam, you can create your own name. The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) will review your custom mapping and confirm whether a new RPID is warranted or if an existing RPID will suffice.

To create your own exam name mapping you create a list of predicate, or category, tags. The most commonly used predicates are:

  • Body Region: you will always need to assign a Body Region

  • Contrast Enhancement: always assigned unless unknown

  • Anatomic Focus: only needed if Body Region is not specific enough

  • Modality Modifier: used to specify angiography

  • Population: used for protocols that are specifically designated for pediatric or pregnant populations. It is not necessary to assign a value to the Population predicate for adult protocols or protocols that are not targeted to the specified populations.

Most other predicates are typically left unassigned. For the DIR we are only interested in predicates that might affect the dose indices. For this reason we are not concerned with laterality. For example, in DIR reports data for the exams




are all rolled up into RPID109: CT UE WO IVCON, so it is not necessary to provide us with the laterality when you do the mapping.

To create your own exam name mapping for a single exam, click on the Build Your Own Mapping link in the Actions column for that exam.

DIR ENMT Example 2 - Build Your Own Mapping Link

Next, select a Predicate type, e.g. Body Region, select the desired Predicate Value, and then click the Add Tag and Save button. DIR ENMT - Build Your Own Mapping Dialog Box

A new “Predicate Tag”, comprised of the Predicate and Value you selected, appears in the dialog box.DIR ENMT - Build Your Own Mapping - Saved Predicate Tag

Continue adding Predicate Tags until your description is accurate. In addition to BODY REGION and CONTRAST ENHANCEMENT, you may need to create predicate tags for

  • POPULATION (if the exam is for pediatric patients)


  • ANATOMIC FOCUS (if BODY REGION is not specific enough)

If you need to remove a Predicate Tag, click on the tag and then click the Delete button. You can select multiple tags at once by holding the Ctrl key.DIR ENMT - Build Your Own Mapping - Delete Predicate Tag

Once you have added all the predicate tags needed, click the red X in the upper right corner to close the Build Your Own Mapping window and submit the request. The exam status automatically changes to Tagging in Process while the RSNA conducts a review of your suggested predicate tags. When the review is completed the status changes to Tagging Suggested, at which point you can review the final RPID value and description and change the status to Tagging Completed so that the exam may be included in future aggregate reports.

Build Your Own Exam Mapping for Multiple Exams

You can create mappings for multiple exams at once by selecting multiple exams before clicking the Build Your Own Mapping Multiple button at the bottom of the page. However, you cannot delete any tags while working on multiple exams. Instead, you must work on one exam at a time by clicking the Build Your Own Mapping link under the Actions column and then deleting tags from the Predicate as needed.

Note: The RSNA review process can take up to three months for a full review and response.

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