Here’s a summary of what has changed.

One User Account across NRDR

You now have one user name and password, no matter how many facilities you work with in NRDR or how many different roles you have. Each user account is linked to one or more roles or “profiles.” This structure gives you the flexibility to be a Facility Administrator for one facility, a Registry Administrator for a second facility, and a Facility User for a third facility, all while using one user name and password.NRDR User Accounts and Profiles

And, with only one account per person, logging in to NRDR is easier because you just enter your user name and password – no need to specify your facility ID or role!

Note: Because of the NRDR modification to provide Single User login across all accounts, NRDR facilities participating in the LCSR or GRID who also use web services to transmit data to those registries will need to reestablish their link. To do so, users must login to the ACR NRDR portal from within their electronic submission application to retrieve a new token in order to submit data. You only need to use your NRDR user name and password to log and do not need to prefix the user name with the facility ID as in the past.

Quickly Switch Between Profiles

Prior to NRDR 12.0, users working with multiple facilities had separate user accounts, requiring them to log out and log back in to switch between facilities. With NRDR 12.0, you can now switch facility “context” by picking the facility ID from the list in the login banner, next to your name.NRDR Login Banner - Facility Picklist

Link Accounts Page

A new Link Accounts page is available, under the My Account menu, if you need to merge a user account into yours.

For example, prior to NRDR 12.0, Tom D. had three user accounts


First Name

Last Name

E-mail Address

LCSR Registry Administrator for Facility 111111



DIR Facility User for Facility 222222



CTC Facility User for Facility 333333



All three user accounts had the same e-mail addresses and last names, but the first names varied – user accounts 1 and 3 had first name “Tom” and user account 2 had first name “Thomas.”

To transition to NRDR 12.0 we merged user accounts across NRDR by first name, last name, and e-mail address. Because the merge used all three fields, Tom’s user accounts 1 and 3 were combined into a new account because all three fields were the same, but user account 2 was not, because the first name was different.

To fix the problem, Tom can use the Link Accounts page to merge user account 2 into his new NRDR 12.0 user account, so that all three of his profiles exist under his new NRDR 12.0 account.

Manage User Profiles

The Manage Users page is now Manage User Profiles where Facility Administrators and Registry Administrators can add new users to NRDR and add or update profiles for existing users.

Invite New Users

Adding new users to NRDR is now easier. Facility Administrators and Registry Administrators can invite new users by providing their e-mail address. Invitees receive an e-mail with a link to a NRDR registration page where they can create their own user name and password.

Physician Account and Physician Upload Changes

Physician Users can now have other roles, too – e.g. Facility User, so they can access and see reports from NRDR registries, all while using a single user name and password

New Physician Group TIN records may be added using the template in the Upload Participating Physicians process. This is particularly helpful when adding physicians for MIPS reporting because it allows you to use a single upload process to add both physician records and physician group TIN records to NRDR.

The Physician Upload template has also changed:

  • The Physician NPI field is now required for all records, regardless of with which registries the physician is associated.

  • The Physician Date of Birth has been removed, as this is no longer needed for ABR PQI Projects.

  • The user name field has been removed; physicians now create their own user name when responding to their invitation to create a NRDR user account.

Change Account Details

The Change Profile page is now Change Account Details. In addition to updating your name, phone number, and e-mail address, you can also see all of the profiles associated with your user account.

TRIADTM Central Server 4.7

TRIAD Central Server 4.7 has been released to support NRDR 12.0 single-user authorization.

Please contact the NRDR Help Desk if you have any questions or feedback.