The CTDIvol Box Plot is another useful tool for quickly visualizing data. In addition to filter fields for restricting data by date, scanner, and exam type, there is a field for Box Plot Type. Select By Exam Type to see box plots for each chosen exam using data from all chosen scanners, and select By Scanner to see box plots for each scanner using data from all chosen exams.

To view the report, find the DIR Registry menu, expand the Reports submenu, and click CTDIvol Box Plot.

You can expand or reduce the date ranges for your search using the Start and Stop Date Period and you can select multiple scanner or exam type criteria by holding down the Ctrl key while selecting values. Click Submit to run the query.DIR CTDIvol Box Plots Filter

The report displays a summary of data in the upper left-hand corner which correlates to the box-and-whiskers plot:

  • N = number of exams contributing to the box

  • Mean = the total of all values divided by the number of contributing exams

  • Median = the middle value; 50% of the values lie above and below this point

  • Min = the minimum value; correlates with the whisker below the box

  • Max = the maximum value; correlates with the whisker above the box

The column number in the summary matches the numbered box on the X-axis – e.g. in the example, below, exam CT Abd WO+W+Pelvis W/C is plot #2, and had 27 exams with mean 38 and median 22.DIR CTDIvol Box Plot

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