The CTDIvol Over Time report is a scatter plotĀ DIR Reports Menu - CTDIvol Over Timethat helps quickly identify outliers and compare CT scanner performance within your facility.

To view the report, find the DIR Registry menu, expand the Reports submenu, and click CTDIvol Over Time.

The filter provides the user with options to view data by CT scanner and by exam type. You can expand or reduce the date ranges for your search using the Start and Stop Date Periods. You may select multiple scanner or exam type criteria by holding down the Ctrl key while selecting values. In the example, below, the filter is set to plot all exams since August 1, 2017, for three scanners.DIR CTDIvol Over Time Filter

Note: The DIR Facility Scanner Types field displays all CT scanners that have submitted data for your facility. If you no longer use a particular scanner or it has been decommissioned, the scanner still appears in the display because it is linked to exam data and cannot be removed.

The dots in the scatter plot are color coded by CT scanner, with a legend at the bottom of the graph. The filter selection criteria, i.e. which scanners and exams, are listed below the graph.DIR CTDIvol Over Time

All scatter plots can be printed or saved using the appropriate button at the bottom of the graph.

Note: If you have many scanner and exam criteria, you may need to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to see the Save and Print buttons.

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