Master-Child National Comparisons

In addition to the Quarterly Aggregate Report, in PDF format, facilities registered with a Master-Child hierarchy also receive an Excel spreadsheet of the National Comparison table with data for all Child facilities. This report provides an easy way to see data for each physical site side-by-side, along with summary data for the group (in the Master column) and data for the entire registry. LCSR Feedback Report Spreadsheet

The spreadsheets are posted quarterly, in conjunction with the Quarterly Aggregate Report, under the Aggregate Reports menu item.

Quarterly Feedback Report Distribution

To help groups with multiple physical sites access and distribute their reports, all Child facility reports are uploaded to both the Child facility account as well as the Master facility account. Reports uploaded to the Master facility have the Master Facility ID in the filename prefix e.g. LCSR_<master ID>_<child ID>LCSRFeedbackReport.pdf.

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