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Review MIPS Quality Measure Data

Once you have uploaded MIPS measure data to the portal you should review the status of the upload as well as the actual measures calculated from the data. Upload files are processed overnight and results are usually available in Performance Reports within 24 hours. Use the report to confirm the data are complete and in line with your expectations, including number of observations, performance rates, etc.

If you suspect data may be missing or incorrect, use the Upload Status table, at the bottom of the page, to review the file status and log file for the upload. The file status will be one of six possible values:

  • Pending – The file was accepted by the portal and is awaiting processing. Files are processed overnight.

  • Processing – File processing is underway and transactions are being applied to the database.

  • Successful – The file was accepted and all transactions were applied to the database.

  • Rejected – The file could not be uploaded. Further details are given in the Message column and in the upload log file.

  • Deleted by User – A file previously uploaded was deleted by the user.

Note: This does not necessarily mean the data records were deleted from the database. If the contents of the file previously had been uploaded successfully then the records will remain in the database, even though the user deleted the data file.

  • Load Failure – The file was successfully uploaded to the portal, but records could not be added to the database.

To the right of the Status column are columns indicating how many records were in the file and processed. Note that a Successful upload does not necessarily mean all records were valid and applied to the database. If a portion of the records were rejected, a log file is created and can be downloaded by clicking on the Action button in the rightmost column. MIPS Portal - Upload Status Table - Download Log File

The log is an Excel spreadsheet copy of the original data file with an Error column appended, specifying the errors encountered. Review and correct each error, save the updated data to a new file, and attempt the upload again.MIPS Upload Log File

The combination of Exam Date, Physician Group TIN, Physician NPI, and Patient ID fields serves as the unique key for each record. If you upload a record for an Exam Date/Physician Group TIN/Physician NPI/Patient ID combination that already exists in the database, the record is processed as an update.

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