The NMD Summary of Uploaded Data report provides important information about the data transmitted from your facility to the NMD separate report is created for each data transmission, and can be found under Aggregate Reports menu item in the NRDR Homepage Facility Management menu.

The report filename convention is NMD_<facility_ID>_DQ<ddMONyyyy>_<upload_ID>.pdf, where

  • <facility_ID> is your facility ID

  • <ddMONyyyy> is the date the data were received by NMD, e.g. 24MAY2017

  • <upload_ID> is the unique ID assigned by NMD to the data transmission

NMD Aggregate Reports Available for Download

Summary of Records

The first two tables in the report summarize the records received, including the number of missing records for each data element.NMD Summary of Uploaded Data - Summary of Records

Missing NPI Warning

Just below the Summary of Records is a count of the number of records without a National Provider Identification number (NPI). This field is optional for NMD data, but it is required for using NMD data to calculate and report QCDR measures to CMS.NMD Summary of Uploaded Data - NPI Warning

Errors in Data

Records with errors that require corrective action are summarized in the Errors table. The specific errors and their impact are described, along with the corrective action needed.NMD Summary of Uploaded Data – Errors Table 1

A separate table lists the specific Patient NRDR ID for each error. This field is part of the unique record key that must be supplied when transmitting an update to correct an error, and can also be used to look up a patient’s name in the patient dictionary, using the Manage Patients page.NMD Summary of Uploaded Data – Errors Table 2

Data Quality Details

The last table lists all fields and the number of records having each possible value, to help you review the data for accuracy.NMD Summary of Uploaded Data – Data Quality Details

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