Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) is a global initiative that creates the framework for passing vital health information seamlessly. IHE, in collaboration with the ACR, has established a Radiation Exposure Monitoring (REM) Profile. This profile allows all vendors to collect and transmit information related to CT dose indices and techniques in a similar format. The REM profile uses the DICOM CT Dose Structured Report (PS 3.16-2009). The CT Dose SR defines the data elements related to the specific dose information that is to be collected and describes the standard format in which the information should be stored. 

The DIR collects the dose information in the DICOM CT Dose SR and some additional information contained in the metadata in the DICOM header of the SR object. However, to maintain patient privacy, only limited information related to the patient (e.g. age in years, sex) is transmitted to the registry. Patient identifiers are removed before the data are transmitted from the facility to the DIR.

The ACR’s TRIADTM Site Server software facilitates data collection, including anonymization and data transfer, for all DIR participating sites. Consult DIR Data Collection Using TRIADTM for more information about how data are collected using TRIAD.

Once you have TRIADTM installed and begin submitting data, you will need to use the DIR Exam Name Mapping tool to review and standardize your exam names. The DIR uses the RadLex Playbook to standardize exams so that accurate comparisons can be made across participating facilities.

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