The Metrics report calculates the following metrics for your facility:

  • Rate of Adequacy of Screening CTC Examinations 

  • Rate of Adequacy of Diagnostic CTC Examinations 

  • Rate of Colonic Perforation 

  • True Positive Rate 

  • Potentially Important Extracolonic Findings 

Because these are the same metrics produced in aggregate reports, the Metrics report provides a useful means for monitoring your performance before receiving the next aggregate report. You can also use the report filter (described, below), to specify any reporting period, allowing you to see results beyond the standard aggregate reporting periods.

All users can view this report.

To view the report, select it from the list of Reports in the CTC Reports menu.CTC Reports Menu - Metrics

The report filter allows you to refine the data queried for the report. The CTC Facility Number and CTC Facility Name are automatically filled in and cannot be changed. You can narrow the exams that will be used in the calculations by entering search criteria in any of the other fields shown. If you leave all fields blank, the report will include all exams for your facility.CTC Metrics Report Filter

To run the report, click the Submit button. The report appears in a new browser window.

You can view the criteria used in calculating the measures here, or by selecting CTC Measures from the CTC Menu.

Reports may be exported to Excel and other formats. See Creating, Navigating and Exporting Reports for details on working with the report. 

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