Once you have completed registering your umbrella Master facility, repeat the registration process for each physical location that will be submitting data to NRDR using the guidelines, below. Each facility will be linked to the Master account as a "child" facility.

Part 1. Facility Information

Follow the same process described in Master Facility Registration Part 1 using the information for the physical location you are registering. Make note of the following to link the Child facility to the “umbrella” Master facility:

  • For the Physician Group / Corporate Entity use the exact same name as you provided for the Master Facility.Registration - Child to Master Facility ID

  • Select Master Facility ID to indicate where the invoice should be sent, and enter the Master Facility ID in the next field so that all billing for the Child facility will be consolidated into the Master Facility invoice.

Facility Administrator and Facility ID

Follow the same steps described in Master Facility Registration Part 2 to create a facility administrator account and a facility ID for the physical location you are registering. If desired, you can choose to have a different facility administrator for each physical location. Keep in mind the facility administrator is the point of contact for each facility, so make sure you select each person carefully.

Note: You must create a separate facility administrator account for each facility, even if you elect to have a single person act as facility administrator for the Master and Child facilities. The facility user dictionaries are distinct so you can use the same user name across different facilities.

Physician Counts and Registries

Unlike when registering a Master facility, you do not need to enter actual headcounts for a Child facility because the counts are maintained by the Master facility. Instead, use the numerals 0 or 1 to indicate whether you intend to register for a particular registry, per the guidelines, below:

  • Enter 1 for the first field, "How many radiologists interpret images at your facility."

  • Enter 1 for each modality for which you intend to register – e.g. enter 1 for “How many perform CT colonography” if you plan to use the CTC registry.

  • Enter 1 for “How many sites (locations) does your facility include.”Enter Child Facility Headcount

Click Continue to generate a table of registries. There are no estimated fees shown because fees are consolidated into the Master facility invoice. Select the registries for which you want to register this particular Child facility and click the Continue button below the table (yellow highlight).Select Registries for Child Facility

If you are registering for either GRID or NMD, you must enter your participation level (GRID) or certified software vendor (NMD), as described in Master Facility Registry Selection & Invoice.

Once all data have been entered and verified, a confirmation message appears and e-mails are sent to the facility administrator. Invoices for the Child facility can be ignored, as all official invoicing is done through the Master facility.Child Facility Registration Confirmation Message


Facilities designated as a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence (BICOE) or Diagnostic Imaging Center of Excellence (DICOE) may be entitled to a fee waiver when registering for NMD (BICOE) or for DIR and GRID (DICOE). If your facility has BICOE/DICOE designation, contact the NRDR Help Desk, after you complete the registration process, to see if you qualify and have your waiver applied before your invoice is sent.

DIR Data Submission

If you are registering for DIR and want to submit all data through the Master facility, navigate to DIR, Registration Information and enter the Master facility ID for question 4. DIR Registration Information Q4

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