As described in Understanding NRDR User Accounts and Profiles, a facility administrator has the most privileges and responsibilities of all NRDR user roles. This includes serving as the point of contact for your facility, responsible for receiving and responding to ACR e-mails and invoices, so it is very important to identify the right person for this role before you begin the registration process.

Because every facility must have a facility administrator, a facility administrator account is created as part of the registration process. Therefore, ideally the facility administrator is the person who completes the registration process. If this is not the case, then make sure you have all of the correct data for the NRDR Facility Administrator Information fields (shown below) in hand before you begin the registration process on behalf of someone else.NRDR Facility Administrator Information

You can change the facility administrator for a facility by creating a new facility administrator account via the Manage User Profiles page. Because only one facility administrator account can be active at any time, the current administrator account will automatically be deactivated or, if the user never submitted any data forms to a registry, the account will be deleted entirely.

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